Months ago, when coronavirus surfaced and plagued the world, no one thought the repercussions would last this long. But no matter where you live or whichever economical strata you belong to, the COVID-19 crisis affected everyone.

It brought the global economy to a standstill and led to the downfall of many industries. However, the impact of COVID 19 on the IT sector differed vastly.

The IT sector is one of the rare industries which expanded during the pandemic and provided support to multiple sectors.

While other sectors struggled to stay afloat, many organisations relied on the IT sector in the COVID plagued the world for the smooth functioning of their operations.

The role of the IT sector is only assumed to grow in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Work From Home (WFH) is the new normal

Work From Home setup

Gone are the days when sitting in tiny cubicles was considered normal for office work. The global pandemic forced the world to change its ways and the impact fell largely on the office workers.

COVID-19 compelled people to stay in their homes, sometimes even in different cities from their offices. This led to the emergence of the Work From Home model.

The extended lockdown only strengthened the need for it. As governments around the globe struggled to contain the spread of the deadly virus, WFH came to be the new normal for the IT sector.

This impact of COVID 19 on the IT sector is shared by many other service businesses too. From banks to MNCs, each sector promoted the Work From Home model.

Experts say that even with the advent of the vaccine, the IT sector would like to stick to the WFH model attributing to its multidimensional benefits in the Post-COVID era.

Impact of COVID 19 on the IT sector

The coronavirus pandemic brought new opportunities of growth to the IT sector. At the same time the crisis burdened it with lack of staff due to lockdowns.

The most pressing problem that many IT businesses faced was the need to upgrade their technological equipment. Many companies had to deal with unexpected losses due to network redundancy.

But IT sector adapt rapidly to the crisis and changed its working model. The working hours and techniques became more flexible. This move was appreciated by employees too.

While previously they had to travel hours to even reach the workplace, now they can draft their work from the comfort of their homes.

The pandemic revealed the loopholes of the technological structure in the IT sector. Previously the network that had to hold only a few connections was hampered with the sudden massive workflow. Therefore, special emphasis was laid to revamp the technology.

Benefits derived by IT sector

Digital space

Obviously Work From Home is the best thing that came out of the pandemic for both the employees and the companies. But the impact of COVID 19 on the IT sector is exhaustive rather than a singular change in the working model.

Many will argue that the pandemic was a blessing in disguise for the IT sector. And they are not wrong in many ways.

The WFH model proved to be an effective cost-saving strategy for the companies. Stats show it will also lead to less cramped roads and reduced air pollution.

Shifting of workload on cloud also prompted reduction in maintenance cost of hardware. The technology was renewed and enhanced.

Other sectors too looked up to the IT sector for a helping hand. Businesses invested in automation and adopted enhanced software.

Post-COVID IT sector

Life always finds a way. The proverb paints the true picture of a Post-COVID world. Despite the pandemic and lockdowns across the globe, the IT sector found a way to keep the business going.

In fact, it came out stronger and carried the economy on its back. Travel restrictions gave way to Work From Home; lockdowns paved the way for advanced technology and unavailability of a central hardware led to the shifting of work to Cloud.

The government too promoted the flexible working system. Numerous technological upgrades are underway.

The network in remote locations is also being reinforced. Overall, they are creating a space for the revival of the economy. And the IT sector will have a huge role to play in it.

Undoubtedly, the impact of COVID 19 on the IT sector is wider than this. But one thing is for certain.

Even in the post-COVID era, this change is supposed to continue as more and more sectors come to see the advantage of it.