The need and demand for vocational training have risen in the past decade. Not only can it lead to a higher chance of employment but can also help you with developing new skills. And learning new things is always beneficial for one.

But what exactly is vocational training? Why is it in growing demand?

We have explained everything here in this article.

Vocational Training Concept

Vocational training is a set of structured programs that assist you in learning the skills pertaining to a particular job.

In a nutshell, vocational training prepares you for a job.

Vocational Education is the education or training that equips you with the knowledge and skills that guide you towards employment. One can resort to formal or informal learning to hone their skills. With vocational education-also known as career training- you take marketable skills directly from the classroom to the field.

Online Vocational Programs

What is the need for Vocational Training?

Imagine you complete your education and land your dream job. You go on the field with years of crammed knowledge about your work. But what if you had no experience?

This is what you need vocational training for. To prepare you for the field. Here are all the ways in which vocational education can help an individual or society as a whole.

1. Quick Jobs

Who would you prefer for a skilled job? One who only relies on the bookish knowledge or one who is specifically groomed for that?

We all know the chances of being employed are greater in the latter’s case. Vocational training focuses on grooming you for a particular job. This puts you in a favorable position to get quick jobs.

2. Adaption to the Working Environment

If you have received vocational training, you will be able to quickly adapt to your working place. You might also be able to solve the issues well.This directly increases one’s chances of promotion.

3. Sustainable Economy

Finding jobs is difficult nowadays. But it is also not easy to find skilled workers. Vocational training bridges the gap between jobs and skilled workers. It thus works two-way.

This ensures sustainable development and a stable economy. Career training is important for social equity and inclusion, as well as for the sustainability of development.

Importance of Vocational Education in the 21st Century

Importance of Education

Undoubtedly, Vocational training increases your chances at landing jobs and quicker promotions. With the growing scarcity of regular jobs, it has emerged as a life-saviour for many.

The best way is to enroll for vocational training institutes offering vocational programs .

Digital Vocational Program(DVOC) bridges the gap between the jobs and the skilled workers. You can train for jobs that are in trend or the ones you think will suit you the most.

Vocational Programs in Demand Offered at DVOC

Previously Vocational training was confined to certain professions such as plumbing, culinary arts, welding, cooking, and carpentry. But the field of career training has expanded in the past decade.

Below are the skills you can learn through vocational programs-:


Be it graphic designing, fashion designing, or even web designing, courses are available for it all. You can simply enroll in a professional course and learn the details of the job.

Data Analytics

You can receive vocational training for programs like MS EXCEL, MS SQL SERVER, PYTHON, R PROGRAMMING, etc.

Digital Marketing

It is the era of digital marketing. The scope of employment in this field is also high. The courses that can help you land a job in this field are Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, etc.

Accounting and Finance

With the growth of the service sector, the employment opportunities in this sector have also spiked. The recent reforms in taxation policies have also opened new doors. You can ensure a job with the help of vocational training.

Career training prepares you for jobs that require financial accounting and analysis skills. You can also earn the knowledge of GST via vocational education.

IT Sector

This is the evergreen department. If you have the necessary skills nothing can stop you from landing a job in the IT sector. With rapid innovations, new jobs have emerged. But the competition is also cutthroat.Well, vocational training can guide you to land a job here. Enroll in courses such as C++, PYTHON, JAVA, and HTML5. Career training can also provide you the skills to create new apps.

Land Your Dream Job with DVOC

Vocational Training Jobs

Vocational Education is the need of today’s generation. Let’s face it! Jobs are few and the vacancies demand skilled workers. Digital Vocational Program (DVOC) prepares you for the field.

Be it apprenticeship or via courses, it equips you with specific skills for a job of your choice. There are courses that can land you a job only with a higher education degree. You can earn diplomas via full-time courses and a secure job at reputed institutions.