From the Director's Desk

From the Director's Desk

With the continuous change in the digital ecosystem and the increase in demand for highly skilled digital professionals, There is a need to revamp our students’ complete learning process.

Students have to get their bachelor’s degree and master’s degree with no surety of a job. They seek employment, but they were not taught the skills which are in demand.

During my academics, in both my school and college, I noticed a void in my education. This void was between formal education and the skills required in various industries, so DVOC was born. 

The inefficiency of formal education and its disability to keep pace with the everyday changing industry is the problem that DVOC is trying to address. So DVOC is a platform that intends to change the learning process the same way as the new innovative world is going, which is online education. Students can get vocational training and education from professionals who have rich experience on this digital platform.

We believe in bringing the change, and that’s why our whole idea behind this initiative is to promote skillful employment with our Industry oriented vocational training programs. You can learn the best and up-to-date skills which will make you job-ready.

A study shows that 79% of metro residents believe employment will rise with Digital India, But you need to be highly skilled to get the best opportunities in the coming future. Now the question comes, How do we do that?

We figured out, Vocational Training programs in schools and colleges can help the students in getting skilled in interest-specific courses.

In simple words, Vocational training refers to instructional programs or courses that focus on the skills required for a particular job.
This way, students having vocational education can have higher chances of employment than the other students.

Vocational education develops the economy by bridging the demand and supply gap with highly skilled workers. It also allows students to take scalable skills from the classroom directly into the working world.

A student at DVOC learns vocational skills along with their schools and colleges to be ready for their professional careers.
The courses that DVOC offers have a diverse range of vocational programs like Coding, Digital Marketing, Blockchain, Data Analytics, Full Stack programming, Finance & Accounting, Soft Skills, Young Entrepreneur program, Robotics, Web design, Animation, Video Editing, and many more. There is no stopping on how much you can learn at DVOC, and we welcome every student to join our family of knowledge.

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