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Advanced Program in FinTech and Business Analytics

DVOC Institute 2022-04-18

This programme is a dual qualification 7-term plan designed for students with little or no prior knowledge of fintech & business analytics. It covers the essential aspects of financial technologies along with training in data analysis tools.

Foundation in Information Technology

DVOC Institute 2022-03-31

The future is going to be run on computers completely. So, a career in Information Technology (IT) has become all the more demanding and promising. Our Foundation In Information Technology course will offer you all-round practical training in this space.


DVOC Institute 2022-03-31

Career-Edge is a uniquely-designed course that focuses on making students familiar with the fundamentals of given streams and gives them an upper-hand in pursuing the stream of their choice. An excellent program for class 10 and 12 students, this summer vacation.

Build mobile app

Build a Mobile App

DVOC Institute 2020-11-23

Our Build a Mobile App course is a complete series of in-depth modules related to mobile application development. You will learn about getting started as a mobile app developer and how to build your first mobile app and publish it on the play store.


Web Designing with HTML5

DVOC Institute 2020-10-26

The course web designing with HTML5 will equip you with the latest web designing standards and practices, which will make you an efficient web designer.


Java Programming Using BlueJ

DVOC Institute 2020-10-23

Learn Java Programming and improve your programming skills with our Java Programming Using BlueJ course.

Programming Using C++ Banner

Programming Using C++

DVOC Institute 2020-10-23

You will learn the basics of C++ programming with the Hello World programs, moving on to the OOPS concepts, conditional statements, loops, and functions in C++.


Social Media Marketing

DVOC Institute 2020-10-23

In this course, you will learn about the power of social media marketing to drive more sales and conversions for their business.


Working With Advanced Excel

DVOC Institute 2020-10-23

Our Working With Advanced Excel course covers a combination of business concepts and hands-on learning on MS- Excel. You will gain expertise in analysis and presentation of complex data using Excel

DVOC Python Programming

Programming in Python for Data Analytics

DVOC Institute 2020-10-13

Our Programming With Python course includes in-depth modules that will guide you step-by-step to learn everything about Python Programming.

Programming in Java Banner

Programming in Java

DVOC Institute 2020-10-13

Our step-by-step Programming In Java course will guide you to become a complete java developer. You will learn about every programming concept in Java, starting from syntax and data-types to working with streams and classes.

Certificate in Graphic Designing Banner

Foundation in Graphic Designing

DVOC Institute 2020-09-28

A complete and in-depth course on graphic design will give you a more comprehensive perspective on graphic designs' creative and technical aspects.