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Vianna Bafna

Vianna Bafna

Vianna Bafna is a 14 years old aspiring girl studying at SVKM J. V Parekhh international school. She attended the “be a Junior Entrepreneur program” hosted by Amaze Heads and found it burgeoning. She learned and gained a lot of knowledge about new start-up businesses and how people manage it professionally. She had fun learning about all the entrepreneurs and their journey.

According to her, Warren Buffett got into investing in the equity market at the age of 11 years and became one of the world’s richest men.

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj can take an oath for swarajya at 15 years.Boris Becker can win Wimbledon at the age of 17 years. Sachin Tendulkar can hit his first century at the age of 17 years. Mark Zuckerberg can launch Facebook at the age of 20 years. If all of them can start their career early and were affluent, well-to-do, and successful, why can’t she become an entrepreneur at just 14?

Dhruv Bafna

Dhruv Bafna is doing his final year of  bachelor’s in commerce from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics. He has finished Digital Marketing program and certification from Google and also done a designing course of FAAD. My academic experience in both my school and  college, I noticed that there was a void in my education. This was a void which was formed between formal education and the skills required in various industries, so I came up with DVOC, a digital platform where students can get vocational training and education from professionals  who have a rich amount of experience.

The inefficiency of formal education and its disability to keep their pace with everyday changing industry is the problem that DVOC is trying to address. DVOC is a platform that intends to change the learning process the same way as the new innovative world is going which is an online education. A student at DVOC learns vocational skills along with their schools and colleges to be ready for their professional careers.<

The courses that DVOC offers have a diverse range of vocational programmes like Coding, Digital Marketing, Blockchain, Data Analytics, Full Stack programming, Finance & Accounting, Soft Skills, Young Entrepreneur programme, Robotics, Web design, Animation, Video Editing and many more. There is no stopping on how much you can learn at DVOC and we welcome each and every student to join our family of knowledge.
Dhruv Bafna
Rishabh Mehta

Rishab Mehta

Rishabh Mehta is a CA who has been working in the Education Field for the past 7 years. He has experience of interacting and dealing with thousands of children over this period.

He is a person who is happy to work while others are partying. He is very passionate about football and is an Entrepreneur by heart. He has an attitude of never to give up, and according to him, success comes to those who pursue their goal with persistence and dedication.

He has built his own successful startup and was featured in the Brain Fee Magazine in Top “20 EdTech Entrepreneurs of the year”.

Our Thoughts On Vocational Skills

According to some researchers, the habit of taking initiative improves your overall personality, and we hope you would take the initiative to join us on this journey.

If we can take the Industry to bring a change, then why can’t you? Together let’s resolve to make our country’s future better by having more and more skilled digital professionals in this digital era.

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