The Founder

Ashish Bafna

Ashish Bafna is the Founder and Chairman of DVOC Institute Pvt Ltd, a specialised training institute that provides vocational skills, training and certification. He envisions making this institute the finest centre in delivering high-quality education and vocational skills across India.

From a young age, Ashish was keen to make a mark in the space of education. He witnessed the lag of the traditional education system in meeting the emerging demands of the real job world.

Ashish’s life philosophy is ‘Be the change you want to be.’

He realized the need to take concrete, decisive steps in bridging the skill gap between an individual and the industry. He decided to enable people to gain vocational skills and training in the space of computer education.

Ashish’s professional journey started in 1996. He invested 26 years in the Ed-tech industry. He established centres of learning eventually becoming the Director of Ashman Computers Pvt Ltd, Fellowship Computer Centre Pvt Ltd, Netsoft Computer Education Pvt Ltd and Hardsoft Learning Centre Pvt Ltd.

He has been a Business Partner with NIIT and has set up several centres in prime locations of Mumbai and has been awarded with many awards for Excellence in Placements, Knight Ride, Best Education Delivery and Customer Delight awards.

Under his adept business leadership and sharp acumen, the faculty has trained and skilled over 1 lac students and extended support in placing over 5,000 students in various industries — Information Technology, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector, Accounting, Designing, Animation, Digital Marketing and Analytics. He has been leading a team of over 120 employees.

Ashish has been instrumental in transforming the careers of numerous students with his infectious enthusiasm, profound experience, and unmatchable excellence. Under his guidance, DVOC Institute has emerged to be a benchmark in imparting vocational skills, training and certification pan India.

With DVOC Institute, Ashish is treading the path of giving modern India a pool of diversified talent, equipped with the skills of the future, today.

Our Thoughts On Vocational Skills

According to some researchers, the habit of taking initiative improves your overall personality, and we hope you would take the initiative to join us on this journey.

If we can take the Industry to bring a change, then why can’t you? Together let’s resolve to make our country’s future better by having more and more skilled digital professionals in this digital era.

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