Professional Program in Data Analytics

Duration: 180 Hrs

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In today’s world, companies are looking out for highly numerate data experts who can analyze data using statistical techniques and the latest technology to extract clear insights to inspect every aspect of their strategy and operations.
The goal of our Professional Program in Data Analytics is to teach you the core principles of data analysis and how to apply these in the real world. Our course will equip you with the technical and practical skills required to become a data analyst.

Course Curriculum

Term 1: Foundation
Microsoft Word , Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Calculating Data with Advanced Formulas
  • Financial, Logical, Text, Lookup & References, and Statistical Functions.
  • Presenting and Forecasting Data Using Charts.
  • Analyzing Data using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.
  • Analyzing Data using What-if Analysis and Power Pivot.
  • Automating Business Operations using VBA.
  • Understanding Power BI Interface and Power BI Variants
  • Using Excel Data in power BI for visualization
  • Reporting/Dash boarding using power
  • Publishing Power BI Dashboards
  • Data relationships and queries in Power BI
  • Data Transformations in power BI
  • Retrieve, summarize, and group data
  • Use functions to customize the result set
  • Query data by using joins and subqueries
  • Manage databases, tables, and result sets
  • Manipulate data by using DML statements
  • Create and manage indexes and views

In this section, you will be working on projects.

Term 2: Professional
  • Type Variables and Operators
  • Strings, Lists, Dictionary
  • Control Statements and Loops
  • Functions and Scope of Variable
  • Module and Package
  • Collections
  • Class and Objects
  • Preparing the data
  • Exploring the Data
  • Classification Techniques
  • Regular Dimensions
  • Visualization in Python
  • Introduction
  • Basic Chart Developments
  • Advanced Charts
  • Working with its Dashboards
  • Data Visualization and Real-Time Analytics
  • Understanding of R System and installation and configuration of R-Studio
  • Environment and R-Studio
  • Understanding R Packages, their installation, and management
  • Understanding of nuts and bolts of R:
  • R program Structure
  • R Data Type, Command Syntax and Control Structures
  • File Operations in R
  • Preparing Data in R
  • Data Cleaning, imputation, and conversion
  • Visualizing data using R with different types of graphs and charts
  • Applying R Advance features to solve complex problems

In this section, you will be working on projects.

Course Highlights

Concept and Practical Oriented Training

In-depth Curriculum to Meet Industry Demand

Live and Scenario Based Projects

Small Batch Size

Expert Faculty

DVOC Certification

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